Honouring the Child II:
A Guide to Ways of Learning
for Teachers and Parents

Honouring the Child: A Guide to Ways of Learning - for Teachers and Parents

Table of Contents

Historical Background

Leaning into Change


  1. The Idea
  2. The Role of the Teacher
  3. The Environment, the Third Teacher
  4. Extending the Environment
  5. Love, Respect, and Trust
  6. Teamwork
  7. Family Grouping
  8. Taking Time-Integrating the Day
  9. Choosing and Sharing
  10. The Power of Play
  11. Language and Literacy
  12. Interest Studies and Projects
  13. Emergent Math
  14. Physical Education and Music
  15. The Importance of Parents
  16. Keeping Track, Assessment, Documentation


Honouring the Child: Changing Ways of Teaching

Table of Contents

Foreword by Lilian G. Katz
Foreword by Sylvia C. Chard


Part One: Inspiration

Chapter 1. A Special Visit
Chapter 2. In the Beginning
Chapter 3. Revelation
Chapter 4. Barriers
Chapter 5. First Steps
Chapter 6. Paving the Way
Chapter 7. Revitalization
Chapter 8. Physical Education
Chapter 9. Framework of Freedom

Part Two: Transformation

Chapter 10. Beginning Again
Chapter 11. Grand Opening
Chapter 12. Adjustments
Chapter 13. Face to Face
Chapter 14. The Teacher's Role
Chapter 15. Children Learning
Chapter 16. Pushing the Parameters
Chapter 17. Questions of Accountability
Chapter 18. We Are Put to the Test
Chapter 19. What About the Basics?
Chapter 20. Creative Power

Part Three: Reflection

Chapter 21. Parents' Issues and Input
Chapter 22. Children's Responses and Reflections
Chapter 23. Opening Up the Conventional Classroom
Chapter 24. The Test of Time

References and Notes
Selected Bibliography

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